Virtual Private Servers

Cloud-based, hassle-free servers designed to meet your needs.

Our team of experts can design a VPS solution tailored specifically for your website or application. Innovias hosting is built on a foundation of partnership; our engineers partner with your business to deliver speed and quality performance.

  • Innovias virtual servers are stored on a highly secure private cloud—meaning your website is safeguarded against cyber threats.
  • Each virtual server is dedicated to its own specific client, so that its full processing power is available entirely for your site alone.
  • Our fully redundant, geographically diverse servers are stored in multiple cities for maximum data protection.
  • Our strict firewall and security policies will protect inbound and outbound traffic on your website.
  • Experience exceptional resiliency and uptime. Innovias planned redundancy ensures your website is always available.
  • Our experienced team is personally involved with every virtual machine we host. Innovias partners alongside your business to administer, monitor, and troubleshoot each server.

Taking managed virtual private servers to a whole new level.

We make VPS hosting simple for you while delivering powerful results. Partnership with Innovias offloads responsibility and allows us to administer your system, taking the headache and hassle out of hosting your website. We don’t just throw tools at you—we help administer and manage your virtual machine.

Contact us today to experience the Innovias partnership difference.