Hosted Exchange and Databases

From the e-commerce enterprise to the small start-up, Microsoft Exchange Server is a game-changer for your business.

Innovias Hosted Exchange servers provide essential means of security and reliability to your corporate communication. By using our cloud-based mail servers, your communication data is thoroughly protected. Hosted Exchange boosts correspondence, efficiency, and productivity by allowing for:

  • Synchronization across all devices
  • Sharing employee calendars
  • Robust spam filtering
  • Essential malware prevention
  • Direct push of your mail and calendar to your phone

Innovias can run and manage your advanced database systems.

Our skilled experts are adept in monitoring, administering backups, and maintaining your databases.

Innovias partners alongside your team to act as a database administrator and:

  • Perform regular, scheduled maintenance
  • Update index statistics for maximum performance
  • Ensure your database is fully optimized
  • Configure database replication and clustering
  • Schedule regular backups and monitor

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